Green House

Smart Integrated Greenhouse Climate Control System.

Functional Features.

Climate control system options include:

  • monitoring of the indoor parameters in greenhouse and outdoor environment

  • programming diurnal schedules for climate control settings

  • archiving and graphic analysis of measured data

  • environmental control in two Greenhouses or in four Greenhouse zones Etc

Environmental control is based on monitoring and control of the air temperature and relatively humidity as well as concentration of Carbon Dioxide gas in greenhouse.

Software-based algorithms of system operation supply the coordinated control of the several heating pipes in climate zones: the pipe of the lower (over soil) heating, the pipe of the upper (hip-roof) heating, the pipe of local (side) heating, the pipe of the under soil heating, the pipe of under hip-roof chute heating and other execution units: passive roof vents, CO2 enrichment, thermal/shade curtain (screen), ventilation fans, hot air heaters and evaporative cooling and humidity system.

Structure of the System.

Climate control system includes supervisory PC, controlling unit, control relay unit and sensor kit. PC and controller unit are connected by RS-485 bus. One supervisory PC may connect up to 12 controller units. Overall block diagram of climate control system is presented on Fig:01

Controller unit has universal input ports. It supplies monitoring up 20 indoor/outdoor parameters and controlling up 24 executive units. All parameters wire to supervisory PC for graphic analysis and archiving. Controller unit is equipped with button console and LCD indicator for operating control and setup.
In standard specification sensor kit supplies the monitoring of indoor temperature and relative humidity, temperature of roof glass, soil temperature and leaf temperature. In addition there is capability to receive the temperature information from some indoor points. Temperature and relative humidity air sensors are mounted in ventilation cells. Wetwell temperature sensors are used in every supply pipes to provide feedback correction for mixing valve positioning. Also Wetwell temperature sensors are mounted in main supply and return pipes to provide general information about incoming heat energy. Monitoring of outdoor environment is provided by outdoor air temperature sensor, solar radiation sensor and combined mechanical wind speed and direction sensor.

The control of execution units is provided by relay unit with working current up to 8 A for one execution unit. There is manual system control panel on controller unit for setting either automatic or manual control for individual execution in system.