3F = 2F + automatic voltage matching between the generator and the mains. (For synchronizing) ... Basically the AVR allows voltage regulation with reactive.  

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Universal 16Amp Self Excited Automatic Voltage Regulator for use in 220 / 380 / 440 / 480 VAC brushless generators with paralleling compatibility  

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control supply transformer shall be single phase having ratio 415/55-0-55V. It’s insulation shall be suitably impregnated to render it non-hygroscopic.  

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remote electrical control, on-load tap changers, when specified, should be suitable for remote electrical parallel control  

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REMOTE TAP CHANGER CONTROL PANEL RTCC is “Remote Tap Changer Control “which is a Programmable device to control the output of the transformer through OLTC unit fitted in the transformer through control cables. ... RTCC is installed with transformer HT Panel. Automatic OLTC Panel consists of a LCP and a RTCC  

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The motor drive mechanism, which provides the driving forces for tap changing, is enclosed in a weather proof case. This is mounted on the side of the transformer and the ratings of the standard units..  

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The diverter switch consists of contact compartment, transition resistors, spring action mechanism and worm gear assembly. These parts are built light and compact and can be hoisted out easily for routine inspection without lowering the oil level in the main transformer tank. A perfect oil tight structure is employed between the diverter switch and the transformer tank, to prevent mixing of oil outside the Switch chamber with the oil inside, which will be contaminated due to the switching operations. Lower filting frame of the diverter switch is connected to the neutral or line terminal of the  

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Remote Tap Changer Control (RTCC) is a conventional equipment to control the ... RTCC panel controls are same irrespective of OLTC type whether in tank.  

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Automatic Voltage Regulating Relay (AVR). The AVR controller is a state of the art microcontroller technology based voltage regulating relay product form, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Automatic Voltage Regulating Relay.  

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